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Thomson NETG

After several years of writing books for other publishers, Liz and I started our own publishing company - Muska & Lipman. In 2002 we were acquired by Course Technology, a division of Thomson. After living in Cincinnati and Boston, I moved back to Columbus, OH and work for NETg, the corproate e-learning piece of Thomson. I specilaize in e-reference business and technology, though I suspect I will always be a publisher at heart.


Published Books:

Besides my work at Muska & Lipman, I have written many other books over the years. I started writing books in 1994 and have written or contributed to more than two dozen projects and my books have sold over 500,000 units worldwide. All of my books are now out of print and unfortunately, I no longer support them via email.

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the book that started Muska & Lipman

Personal Info:

Liz and I live in Columbus. We have two cats and two children! Between work, Max, and Sylvia, our time is pretty much filled up as you might imagine.

I am a graduate of The Ohio State University (CIS Engineering '96) and Xavier (MBA '03) and I still am a big sports fan for both programs.

My public email is still andy@shafran.com. I check it regularly, but I get a tremendous amount of spam. I use spamarrest to verify the authenticity of senders. I happily send out my private email address to people once they've verified themselves through spamarrest.

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